Video Editing

Save time, make money, eat chocolate (muffins).

We know you don’t want to read. So here’s a video.

Time is your enemy.

And so is chocolate — it’s unfair that chocolate makes us fat.

But chocolate is a beautiful thing.

And so are we:
Because we’ll save you so much time and we’ll do a great job and we’ll even be your best friend.

We’ll edit your videos. Like winners.

Because that’s all we do. Except for that time we found out that their dad’s truck (our rival company’s) was bigger than our dad’s truck.

If you’re okay with letting a redhead edit your videos, then that’s cool.  None of us have redhair, but we can’t guarantee we won’t hire a redhead one day.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed — for or against it, we’re not sure.

And so. Let’s work together. FREE!

We’ll edit one of your videos for free.

Simply dropbox us the RAW FOOTAGE and give us a few bullet points about what you’re looking for.

If you like what we do, hire us.

If you don’t, ghost us.

For six months ^^^


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