Courses aren’t just for regulars at the local coffee house (also I have no idea what a coffee house is). Nope, courses are for everyone who wants to do better.


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it’s all so basic.

Life happens fast. Anyone who has seen the Tobey Maguire Spiderman films knows as much.

And if you’ve seen said films, you also know that with great power comes great responsibility.

But first, you need great power.

Without knowledge, there is no power.

Without knowledge, people perish — and that’s according to the Bible.

So maybe it’s time to brush up, clear out the cobwebs of your mind, and otherwise (to mix a metaphor in drastic measure) set sail on the seas of your mind.

You’ll never get any further in life if you don’t learn what you don’t know.

So, consider one of our courses below.

We’re here to help.

It’s what we live for.

Our Courses

Feel free to browse, as if you are in a candy store. Which is where I wish I was right now.

Leadership Training

We’re not all born leaders. But we can learn. Take this course to become the great leader you know you are and unlock hidden potential. And win more.

Team Training

Team training is perfect for your team. We come in and teach leadership and communication principles. As well as team-building exercises.


Our graphic design, UX, art-style program is geared towards those who want to elevate their taste and ability to create tasteful websites, graphics, and more.

courses for contractors

Courses for Contractors?

Are you a contractor? Do you know a contractor? Do you wish to be a contractor? Did you just now realize, while reading this, that you wanted to become a construction contractor? Boy, do we have the courses you need.


We help CONTRACTORS get licensed.


We teach math and blueprint reading.


And we even teach Construction Project Management?


Maybe you’re looking for something more Custom?


We love custom. We invented it. That’s a joke, of course. Anyway, if your business would like us to come in and teach but you have specific needs or a specific theme, let us know. We can work with you to build a custom program and change lives. After all, we invented changing lives. Also, a joke. Can’t wait to work with you though.