Consulting is our specialty; our other specialty is choreographing realistic lightsaber fights. So if you or your team requires the services of a consultant, or if you’re trying to choreograph a lightsaber fight, let us know. We’re here to fight (and help).

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Why hire a Consultant?

Outside consultants can be a great gift to a company or organization that is at an impasse or on a plateau. (Or is in a volcano). Outside consultants (love sunshine) and can see things from a different point of view. So let us help you.


Get out of your rut.


Every great leader needs a great coach.


Alleviate some of your stress.

Quick Consultation Sesh

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don’t be basic.

We know. You’re busy. So are we. But I’m stopping in with one suggestion: slow makes smooth and smooth makes fast.

What does that mean?

Taking your time, being patient, often when you don’t want to, to iterate and iterate, to get something right, will ultimately pay off dividends in the end.

A large part of business is creating systems and funnels. Process is required for just about every type of business.

If the process is jumbled at chaotic, or if the process is excessively draconian, it won’t work. Or it won’t work well.

Sometimes, you have to take your time. Sometimes you have to spend the necessary time (and money) to smooth the surfaces, so the players can skate fast and free.

That includes your own mind.

Sometimes we tell ourselves stories and create mindsets that don’t serve us or our business.

It’s worth the due diligence it takes to investigate our thought processes, as well of our businesses’, to remove the lies and the obstacles so that we can run free.

And fast.

So there’s your thought for today: slow makes smooth and smooth makes fast.

Always, in the long run, doing something well (and to the best of our ability) will be easier. It may take more time in some ways, but, once we get going on the smooth surfaces, we will fly.

Trust me.

Let’s Talk

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It’s not complicated. We have eleven trained monkeys and one baboon waiting by the email servers for your email to be received by our offices. When the email arrives, the chosen monkey will hand-deliver (thereby becoming a courier of sorts) the letter to the respective recipient. So don’t be afraid. The monkeys aren’t. And neither are we.