Website Design

Web design isn’t just a service we offer. It’s a way of life. Like the Hobbits in the Shire, but with less salmon and fireworks (although we sometimes incorporate plenty of fireworks) and more finesse and functionality.

web design

Amazing and Responsive Website Designs

It’s important that your website functions well on phones, tablets, and desktops. We live in a world that’s constantly adapting. Like tadpoles. Or butterflies. Or me, when I sleep for the night and receive a software update (that’s a humanoid joke).


Looks great on phones, tablets, desktops.


Looks pretty (unless you like that early 2000s GRUNGE look).


We built it while watching reruns of Alias.

Our Web Design Process

The process is simple. Besides involving reruns of LOST and ALIAS, it requires manual dexterity and skating skills leftover from the early-2000s.



Design with Divi

Final Design



It all starts with coffee. Sometimes hot chocolate. And a conversation. About your business and your needs.

And then of course we get to building the site.



Sending you designs from which to choose is the next part of the process.

We want to give you a sneak peek into what the website will look like so you can give feedback right at the get-go.


Design with Divi

We design with an advanced software that helps make the process go smooth and fast, just like a beautiful cup of coffee.

Fun fact: I can type with my eyes closed. Furthermore fun fact: I’m doing it right now 🙂


And Done!

Presto-Dunzo! — if that’s not an expression it should be. After some arduos and fun and good work, your website is unveiled to the world.

And your business is that much closer to greatness.